art direction and branding


Culinary Food Fight


Culinary Food Fight

Art Direction / Branding

Culinary Food Fight is a national organization that hosts live cooking competitions that bring professionals and amateur chefs from all over to compete and fight for a spot in the World Food Champion competition.


culinary fight club final logo-10.jpg

Unique Selling Point
Culinary Food Fight finds the chef within every competitor for a friendly high-energy cook off with just 60 minutes, 3 secret ingredients and one bite to impress the judges.

The morphological approach to the logo is combining together an oven mitt and boxing glove.

The company aims to bring anyone with a passion for food together while also giving back to Fight2Feed an organization who supports and feeds hungry men, women, and children.


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Social Media

Culinary Food Fight’s platform on social media will be centered around the different food battle outcomes, and bringing in new competition and chefs for the next showdown.

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Since Culinary Food Fight is a traveling pop up event that a restaurant hosts inside or outside, it was important that the advertisements and event posters were adjustable and able to display no matter the area.

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Baner youve been served.jpg
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